Introducing The Gamfari Weekly Competitions.

We at Gamfari are glad to introduce our platform to you. The GAMFARI platform is a mobile games eSport platform where game lovers and users alike play and compete in selected games in their convenience and leisure in a bid to emerge winners in the GAMFARI WEEKLY COMPETITION.


Users sign up and are required to fund their Gamfari account with any selected amount of their choice through the funding/payment gateway provided on the platform. The funded  account allows users to submit their score to stand a chance to win 5000Naira weekly cash as prize money attached to each game featured on the Gamfari platform. Each submission of high score by a user cost 100Naira. After registering and signing in, a user selects the game of their choice, downloads it from the link on the Gamfari homepage and can begin playing after typing their log in details. The user has to get the highest scores for that game and submit their high scores which is added and accumulated by the Gamfari system on a game leaderboard before the competition duration for the games end. At the end of the weekly competition event, the user who has submitted the total accumulated highest score for any of the games featured on the Gamfari platform wins a cash prize of 5000Naira attached as prize money for the particular game. A user therefore has to be skillful in game play  and ensure that his best scores are submitted which will be added up and accumulated to emerge him as the winner at the end competition duration. Each score submission cost a charge of 100Naira and a user will not be able to submit scores when their Gamfari account is empty. Users should therefore ensure that their Gamfari account is always funded to enable them submit their scores and be part of the competition. A user can monitor the his progress and the performance of other users in the competition by accessing the COMPETITION LEADERBOARD which shows the username of the users with the highest scores. Cash Payouts will be made to winners of each game at the end of each game competition direct to their bank accounts.


  1. Visit and sign up.
  2. Verify your email address, fill all your account details and fill in your bank account details so winnings can be paid.
  3. User are to fund their Gamfari account so that their game high scores can be submitted. Note: Each submission cost 100Naira
  4. Select the games of your choice and download the mobile game on your mobile device from the Gamfari home page.
  5. Input your username and other details in the mobile game app and begin to play and be part of the competition.



  1. All registered participants must have confirmed their email Address.
  2. You must have uploaded a profile image.
  3. Must have completed their profile details.

Weekly winners on the games featured on the Gamfari platform will be showcased on our social media accounts.

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