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Hello, thanks for checking out this website! Let’s tell you a little about our vision.

This post explains what we are all about. How the whole process works and how you can benefit from the revolution we have created.


We are an eSports/Game Development Company that is focused on revolutionizing the gaming industry in Nigeria. We were founded in 2015 but we have been working under the radar to get our products to the market. We are extremely excited to say its finally here.


Our primary focus when we were founded was to develop games. We wanted to be part of the gaming revolution in Nigeria. Going forward, we discovered that very few games are actually being produced in Nigeria. Changing that became our goal.

However, when we entered into the industry, we realized Nigerians were not fully interested in promoting homemade content. We needed a way to ignite awareness in the improvement of Nigerian-Made games while also making it money-spinning and interesting for Nigerian players. After a lot of deliberations, we came up with Gamfari Competitions.

What Are Gamfari Competitions?

Gamfari competitons are events that are constantly running on the website based on developed games. Each game featured on the website allows users to participate in them. Each week, registered users on the Gamfari platform are eligible to participate in the weekly competitions where users select a game of their choice and have to get and submit their highest scores which will be added up and accumulated and the user with the total highest score at the end of the weekly competition wins a cash prize of 5000Naira.

How can anyone participate?

Anyone can participate in the competition. In very easy steps:

  1. Register/Login on http://www.gamfari.com
  2. Verify your Email Address and fill all account details including bank account details to enable Gamfari.com pay winners.
  3. Fund your Gamfari.com account to enable you submit scores and take part in the gme competitions.
  4. Select the game of your choice and Download the game to your mobile device from the Gamfari home page.
  5. Input your username and other details on the downloaded game and begin playing and be part of the competition.

You can also download our featured games for free, play and join the competitions at no cost.

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