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About Gamfari Beta Promo

We at Gamfari are glad to introduce our portal to you. During this Beta Period we plan to reward the users of our platform. We want to spread awareness about how awesome it is to enjoy our cross-platform gaming experience. In the light of this, we have organized an event lasting for an entire month. Within this month, everyone who registers will get N1000 naira on their account. With this, you can participate and win competitions. You however won’t be able to make standard withdrawals. The more competitions a user wins,the more his account balance increases. A user has to enter into and win as many competitions as possible to stand a chance and WIN N6000 WEEKLY. The player with the highest amount of winnings which has crossed the minimum requirement of N10000 in their account will receive the cash reward of N6000 weekly. So,INVITE YOUR FRIENDS AND COME GAME AT GAMFARI. It’s a fun way to make money! During this period,there will be a leaderboard of the top players and their winnings on the GAMFARI platform homepage. A timer on the homepage will show a countdown to the end of the competition To know more about how Gamfari works,please visit this link How Gamfari Works

How can you participate?

  • Register/Login on
  • Confirm your Email Address
  • Click on “Competition”
  • Select the game you which to play
  • Click “Add Game”
  • Play Game ( either on web or Download to your Mobile)
  • Login with username on Downloaded mobile game to update scores

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Gamfari is a platform where users to take part in game competitions and win money.

Sign up and Log in. Fund your account. Select any game and begin competing with other users.

Sign Up and Log in. Click FUND ACCOUNT and select any of our payment channels most suitable for you to fund your account.

Before you join any game competition, you will be required to pay a competition fee that enables you access to challenge other users.

Log in on our website and click WITHDRAW FUNDS on your account dashboard. Fill in the necessary details and withdraw.

Sign Up and Log in. Fund your account. Click START COMPETITION. Choose the game you will like to compete in and click PLAY GAME. By clicking PLAY GAME, you will be added to a competition for that particular game. A fee will be deducted from your account and you begin your competition.

No. You need to Log in through the website and join a competition . After entering a game competition, you can play the game and monitor the competitions leaderboard.

You can take part in just 1 competitions of a particular game simultaneously and your score will updated to the leaderboards of all the competitions. Simply put,as you play the game,your one score will be updated to all 5 competitions

Yes. You are not limited to any number of games you want to compete in. You can take part in a maximum of 5 competitions simultaneously in as many games you want to compete in on our platform.

Each Competition takes 1 hour to conclude. You can play as much time you can within this 1 hour to get the highest score.

If using a mobile device click on mobile to download game but If are on a PC,when you click PLAY GAME, you immediately begin your competition. You can play as many times as possible to top the leaderboard during the competition.

The system selects the highest score gotten during the competition and updates it on the leaderboard. When you beat your previous high score,it is automatically updated on the leaderboard and your previous high score replaced with the new one.

If you do not have the highest score,then you should play till you top the leaderboard. You can log in and out of the competition and play to top the leaderboard as much as you deem necessary to emerge winner.

Yes. On our homepage is the games tab. You can select any of our games and download them to play.

Topping the leaderboard after the competition ends means you emerged winner of the competition and you win money. Gamfari will immediately credit your account.

Yes. Each leaderboard of the competitions and the games you are competing in will be displayed on your dashboard for every user. Also,it will be displayed in your game app.

If after the competition ends, you top the high score on the leaderboard, your account will be credited.

Yes. You need to have an internet connection to sign up and log in,fund account and take part in competitions. To play and compete using a PC,you need an internet connection. For mobile device users,an internet connection is needed to update your score on the leaderboard and also to get updates on other users scores.

In case of this setback, the system will make use of your previous high score and use that to update your competitions progress till the competition concludes.

You can send a mail about any problem encountered to

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Our goal is to make games more Competitive, Exciting and most importantly, REWARDING.

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